Don’t you hate it when..?

I was noticing a girl in line the other day with a toddler who embarrassed her in the check-out line by taking off her clothes. I laughed even though mom was clearly angry.

I thought about all the embarrassing moments in my life that seem oh so funny now. Those moments are sometimes hard to live down, but as you learn how to not take life so seriously, those moments are just part of existence.

So, I decided to write down a bunch of those moments in time, some experienced by me and some by friends who may have not found the humor at the time.

Don’t you hate it when…

You realize that you are wearing socks that don’t match.

You realize that you are sitting in traffic with the windows down…singing, and see people  in the next car are laughing at you.

You are sitting at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green and cars are blowing horns because…it’s a stop sign dummy!

You are speeding to get where you are going and realize you passed a cop.

You wake up late for work, shower, dress, and jump in the car in record time….then you realize it’s Saturday and you don’t work today.

You water your plants and wash the car and it starts to rain–hard.

You have forgotten that you promised to donate a baked item to the church, so you swing by the store to buy it instead and see the preacher there and feel that God is giggling at you?

Your youngest child tells a coworker (when you run into her at the store) what you had said about her being a pain in the ass when you were mad after work one day last week?

You forgot to clean your bathroom before your book club group comes over and pray that your husband put the seat down?

Your toddler throws a conniption fit kicking and screaming on the store department store yelling “I hate you” and you want to disappear but instead pick up the screaming child and races to the car leaving a basket of items behind?

Your dog decides to pee on the leg of your neighbor while you stop to talk on a walk around the neighborhood?

You have days when you drop or break everything you touch?

You have had a bad day, and your husband or kids have found your stash of chocolate and eaten it all?

You come upon extra money but have so many bills you have to use it for that?

You get sick after weeks of taking care of your sick kids but no one takes care of you?

You trip on flat even pavement in front of many people! (Then you look down to see what imaginary thing tripped you and cuss at it.)

You go to a baby shower and have bought the same gift as another guest because you didn’t complete the registry at the store because you were in a hurry.

Go to a wedding and were responsible to bring something but forgot it and have to run to Walmart at 3 pm, dressed like a fairy princess in an ill-fitting dress and ugly shoes?

Don’t you hate it when you have plans and life just happens throwing a wrench in all your plans? This is just a simple list of little things that can happen to make us detour from our plans daily. Embarrassment and disappointment are temporary alterations to the agenda. These things do not cause tragic changes in life like death, divorce, or bankruptcy.

Get on with life, don’t let small stuff get you down. It is in these moments you learn more about yourself and have opportunities to do it differently. Most of my embarrassing moments in life I laugh at now and mark as great memories because they are part of who I have become.

“If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it.”  Erma Bombeck




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