My Right As A Christian Woman

My beliefs are not only influenced by my upbringing in the rural midwest, but also by the total of my life experiences and exposure to witnessing the worst treatment of women by men, and by other women who judge them. As I sat watching excerpts from the last presidential debate, I specifically wanted to view the discussion about abortion. Now, what I am about to say is going to be shocking to some Christians and Nurses because I am both, but here we go. I support the right of a women to decide what happens to her body, and that includes abortion. Yes, I support the laws created under Roe vs. Wade.

To those Christians who will argue to the death that allowing abortion is wrong, I say this: Abortion is not acceptable to me as a Christian. However, the right to decide between right and wrong is called free will.  God gave us this option way back in Eden, remember? He told us the rules, and we picked from the tree anyway.  How does this compare to the Roe vs. Wade law to allow abortions? It is offering us free will to decide for ourselves between right and wrong without imposing a judicial punishment. Moral judgement is for God, not humans.

I have the right to choose to read smut magazines, but I don’t. I have the choice to watch porn, but I don’t. I have the right to put my self in danger physically and mentally, but I don’t.  I have the right to buy an assault rifle and use it as I please, but I won’t. Life in this world is about choices, both moral and legal.When we limit our choices, we limit our potential to grow and learn.  God could have struck down Cain before he killed Able, but he didn’t. Jesus offers choices all of the time to his children and his disciples.  He had the power to stop Judah, but did he? No. He let him choose his path and learn from his mistakes at great cost.  But that is what a good parent does. And that is what good leadership represents also–allowing the choice.

Our government should allow each governing state to decide the limitations of the details on abortions if a woman so chooses to go that route.  If a woman chooses to kill another being, it is her soul at risk. Making laws to punish people for making a wrong choice does not work. If that woman wants an abortion, making it illegal will not stop her from doing it herself or going to a doctor wannabe who will do it for the right money. The original case of Roe vs. Wade, introduced in 1971, was asking that a women not be denied an abortion in any state. However, it also dictates limitations placed on timeliness of the abortion (first, second, and third trimester) be at the discretion of the individual states. Before you judge unknowingly to the facts, see the following facts:  (click on space before this parenthesis)

I have never understood how Republicans balk at this law that returns limitations of the law, giving power involving the individual, back to the states and out of the hands of the government. For example, consider GOP statements like: “Much of what the federal government does can be improved, much should be replaced, and much needs to be done away with or returned to the states.” This statement is directly from the mission statement opening on the website.

Then I hear the rebuttal in my head, “This is a standard of morality and not just of individual rights. It is not legal to kill another human. Therefore this law is unjust.” Yet, you want all sorts of gun laws revoked allowing people tools intended to kill. In what way is it different to allow the tools of death-i.e. assault rifles – in the hands of millions? We have the right to make a choice to buy mass murder weaponry but we don’t have the choice to abort a baby who will be born with horrible disfigurement and lacking a whole brain, costing $100,000 to try to save with no hope of living more than a few hours outside of the mother’s womb? Sorry people, you cannot have it both ways.

You can insert morality issues into every circumstance and every law if you like, but it only serves to support your view and not the facts. The fact is that all people are created equal but most live in inequality, particularly women. Women are still the largest minority in pay per hour and in leadership in every institution, including our government. We have the God given right to choose good or evil, kill or be killed, and yes, even suicide. If God wanted all options off of the table don’t you think he would have removed the tree of wisdom from Eden all together? I mean why would he have put it there to begin with if it had not been a test?

I don’t believe that turning over the Roe vs. Wade law will save lives at all. I also don’t believe that every woman having the ability to seek an abortion will have one. No more than I believe the average gun owner will kill people just because they can. Statistics won’t show the amount of secret abortions that will continue and mothers lives that will be lost due to complications from a risky birth.  For hundreds of years prior to this law, women mutilated themselves, threw babies away at birth, and sought out any form of assistance necessary to end the pregnancy if it was unwanted. What this law does do is allow women the right to free will without legal punishment. It will allow all women to choose their path by freedom of choice, or to Christians –to eventually answer for their sin’s through God’s judgement. It is a choice that has been available to humans since our creation. The law is a guideline for individual civil liberty and not for a morality lesson.


One thought on “My Right As A Christian Woman

  1. Very well put. I have have a hard time expressing why I am a Christian and yet I support the right of women to have an abortion. Thanks for writing this so well.


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