Under the Radar

As a writer of fiction, I spend my life watching people around me for inspiration for stories. I note things people say, funny things they do, and interactions between kids, adults, and old people. Some days it is easy to feel invisible to the world and to myself.

There are possible hundreds of thousands of people just like me in the world. We write late at night with a book light, or in a room alone, or on notebook paper on our lunch break. Things come to me on a drive and I pull over to write it down before I forget it.  It is a compulsion, a love, and a torment.  Sometimes a story tries so hard to leave my fingers that I have to stay up all night while half asleep neurons send messages to my numb fingers.

That compulsion hits me and I have to keep going until all I do is think about ways the story might twist and turn.  The characters are alive in my mind with quirks, habits, and defined features that I could draw…if I could draw.  All writers have their habits, quirks and procedures of writing that they follow. Some make outlines, some plan on paper or on a typewriter, and some–like me—just type in bursts until their fingers are sore and the battery on the wireless keyboard needs recharged.

Being under the radar as a unknown author has it’s challenges. Sharing your stories is difficult if you have a small group of close friends and family. Most writers I know are not the life of the party with thousands of friends type of extravert.  Thus is why we sit in a room with a typewriter and express our pretend worlds onto blank paper.

It thrills me to share my stories and bring some entertainment to people who love to read. It is even more thrilling to find that the story is loved enough to be shared. That is my real goal as a writer. To share a story that finds the reader unwilling to stop reading it until it’s done.  You know a book is good when the reader hates to get to the end because they really liked the journey. I have only read a few books like that in my life and I strive to write that kind of book for someone else.

I know I will never be a famously rich writer, but that’s okay with me. I hope to stay under the radar long enough to continue people watching and creating worlds between pages.



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