Red Hot Faith – Called to Build a Relationship with Jesus

I began teaching a bible study called “Red Hot Faith” at my church. I bought the video, and guide for my own study at home and was called strongly to offer this to other ladies at church.  It is based on Revelation 3:14-22 (see:

When I started into the chapters, I had only lightly read into Revelation. It had always been an intimidating part of the Bible, holding nothing but bad news about the eventual ends of mankind. However, there are great lessons about faith and forgiveness even in this daunting section of the book. I was amazed at the fulness of this eight chapter study of a woman’s journey of faith by looking at only nine verses of Revelation.

With each session, it was more clear that I had a lot to do to really be a faithful Christian, trusting and wholly relying on God to lead me in my life’s purpose. I thought going to church, volunteering, being a good person, and a good mom and wife was enough. But when I learned how much more comfort God’s love provides, and burdens that are lifted from human life just through faith and service, I realized my life was not as full as I thought.

I began by really committing to prayer daily. It seems simple, but when you are busy, it is easy to lose focus on other things than yourself. We awaken to our consciousness of self every day, and from there we move into action of fulfilling our own devices.  It takes a real commitment to awaken and before leaving the bed, praying and thanking God for allowing you to pursue fulfillment of purpose through another day on earth.

After all, you don’t really have any control on all the circumstances of life going on around you in a day. How you react to those circumstances is really your only intentional control of your life.

The bible study is now over, and I appreciate the journey my friends in class traveled with me.  I continue daily to struggle with being human, opening my heart up to God and being the best me I can be.


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