376725_1960760792129_1282892985_nAs a new resident of Texas, I have found as much longing for the climate of my home state as I do for the closeness of my family. I have found beauty in nature in Texas also, but in foreign ways to me. The endless trails to walk in San Antonio are spectacular and filled with a lot of nature around each turn. But the crunch of fall leaves, the crack of snow underfoot, and the smell of a frosty morning after a delicate white snowfall is something I miss about Indiana.

The picture above was taken at Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana. It is known for breathtaking views in fall and draws thousands of visitors from all over the United States.  It was just 30 minutes from where I used to live and I visited at least once per year with my camera in hand.

Ten minutes down the road from this park was a crafters haven called Little Nashville. It is filled with shops-a-plenty holding all sorts of hand crafted items, collectibles, antiques, and great food.  There is even a carriage ride pulled by a beautiful white draft horse for those that want a pleasant ride. So much to do at no cost for walking, taking in sites and talking to some interesting and friendly people.  Hoosiers are known for hospitality and that is not imaginary.

Since arriving in San Antonio, I am amazed at how the community is so different. Diversity is actually less in San Antonio than in Columbus, Indiana where I grew up. The major population in San Antonio is by far Hispanic, followed by Caucasians, and other.

In Columbus, our community homes Chinese, Indian, African Americans, Europeans, and many many more.  This is due to our major employer being Cummins, Inc. that employs many international engineers and executives nationwide.  Due to this our town has many cultural events such as The Ethnic Expo, The Scottish Festival, and many Marathons that support a vast number of groups in the area and bring many tourists.

Our tourist attraction that draws the most visitors is the architecture. We have one of the most eclectic architectural collection of structures built by famous architects. Visit our Columbus, Indiana web page for more information.

The point is that where you are from may or may not be your permanent home, but for me, it is where I feel good, refreshed, and totally comfortable. It will forever be where I want to be during those times in life when I seek refuge and solace. But for now, I suffice to visit and recall great memories and great friends until I call it home again.

Japanese Tea Gardens San Antonio

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