I don’t know about other writers, but I need inspiration in order to get focused on writing. I carry notebookimages copys around in my purse just in case it strikes while I am out doing any normal activity. I  have pulled over in parking lots, gas stations, and private driveways to jot down inspired thoughts or possible character notes.

It is more than a hobby with me, it is a passion. The passion drives me to create, develop, and even expose parts of my inner being in order to infuse life into writing. When I am in the zone of a creation I am unaware of everything around me.

Last night I had an idea of how to finally finish one of my books I started a few years ago. It wasn’t ready because I wasn’t ready to expose my truth to it. It is a true story of my dating and marriage failures in life. Telling what I did to sabotage my relationships required admitting my faults that I still harbor.

Non-fiction is by far the hardest thing for me to write. I have a sort of cheeky, humorous but straight-forward voice in writing. This can be great fun in novel writing, but much harder to develop in non-fiction. It requires guts to open yourself up and possibly cause some feelings of resentment from others involved in your story of living. But with the exposing of your self to the environment, there is a sort of purging that happens. I feel free of secrets and free of resentment. Writing about how I failed myself has allowed me to appreciate who I have become from admitting and changing those things that limited my enjoyment of life.

Enjoyment in writing comes from inspired moments that are shared on the page. I write down those little wows that pass through most people’s minds in a day. It is with those inspired wow moments that life becomes exciting again as it did when I was a child. My book gained 20 new pages in three hours last night because of a wow moment of inspiration. And today, I write.


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